What's Included

Full-service Credentialing

We initiate and manage the application process

By digitizing the provider application process, we reduce delays when collecting completed applications and documents.

Automated primary source verification

Our credentialing specialist verifies credentials with Silversheet’s automation. All activity is logged and date stamped.

Continuous management of expiring files

We update all files that need attention. Silversheet alerts us of any upcoming expirations.

Know where your credentialing stands

Our credentialing specialist will update you on your center’s credentialing progress. Login to Silversheet to see everything.

Our Specialists

You're in Good Hands

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Our Silversheet Credentialing Specialists have years of experience in medical credentialing and have
worked with multiple facilities across the country. They are reliable, transparent, and caring.


Professionally trained and officially recognized as CPCS


20+ years working with multiple facilities

Fast Response

Always there to help
when you need it