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The Facility at a Glance

The Facility

An AAAHC accredited facility with 73 providers that specializes in outpatient surgery.

The Credentials

Before Silversheet, credentialing was done with paperwork, fax machines, and scanners.

The Coordinator

Claudia is the Scheduling Supervisor & Credentialing Coordinator. She has 11 years of experience.

“... time-consuming and repetitive ... paper files lacked the flexibility she needed...”

The Challenges

Claudia had less time to oversee the facility’s scheduling and medical records because the credentialing tasks took the longest. There was always something to be faxed, filed, or sorted. Credentialing one provider was time-consuming and repetitive, let alone for 73 providers. Working with paper files lacked the flexibility she needed in her dual role at the facility.

Claudia was concerned about adopting a new software that would require major changes in her workflows as well as time to implement.

Implementing Silversheet

Integrating Silversheet is easy and unobtrusive, especially with the assistance of the Silversheet staff and their focus on making the experience and product more efficient.

  • Connect with Customer Success Team
  • Schedule Implementation Date
  • Silversheet Digitizes Files
  • Finish Customer Training
  • Onboarding Complete

The Results

Reduced credentialing time by 25%

Automated credentialing eliminates time-consuming tasks and brings her ease-of-mind.

Eliminated paper credential files

Digitizing the credentialing process removed the excess amount of paperwork and faxing that Claudia had previously dealt with.

Centralized the entire system of providers

Silversheet’s centralized credentialing lets her complete everything from one place instead of sorting through multiple locations.

Allowed doctors to self-update

Claudia’s providers update their credentials through their own Silversheet account which automatically syncs with her facility account.

A Happy Customer

“I recommend Silversheet because it saves time and allows for greater flexibility around credentialing tasks.”

Claudia Santos
Scheduling Supervisor & Credentialing Coordinator